How much it will cost to make an app like zomato?

My answer to How much it will cost to make an app like zomato?

Answer by Jimmy Humby:

Want to know what will be the cost of an App like Zomato? Let's see.


Traveling is fun, especially when you have arranged and planned everything that you need as you travel. The preparations include the forms of transportation that you’d like to take in going to your destination, hotel accommodations, a list of the places that you would like to visit and explore, the list of what to do while you’re already in your destination or the activities you intend to do to make your trip wonderful and comfortable and of course, you should also have the list of restaurants or famous cuisines where you can nourish and feed yourself and the whole family.

All of the information and the “what you need” in your travels are right there at your nose because of technology. You can just check it on the internet where you will be directed to different sites. There are also different applications which can help you with your concerns. For instance, there is an application which contains the list of restaurants and social media. This app is known as Zomato.

Zomato is a very useful app because it gives you a chance to view the list of the different restaurants that can offer you the best local and international dishes for fine dining. It can also help you manage your budget for food because the app has the prices of the different menu that they can offer to their customers. This can help you compare the prices offered by all the restaurants included in the list. Aside from the restaurant listing, Zomato has also the social media application where you can write or give your comments or reviews and rate the services of the restaurants that you have received. You can also give comments to the food they serve and the facilities that their customers can use.

As an app, Zomato encourages the users to register to their app to have a chance to view all of the important information or details of a particular restaurant, including its exact address and the menu it offers. Zomato became a popular app and as it grows, it has become a reliable website which can help you find the best restaurants.

When Zomato started, it only contains the restaurant list of India, but right now, Zomato has already the restaurant list of 19 countries. Zomato is now a socializing site where you can follow and give comments to the restaurants where you have given yourself a special treat. The site also allows you to like or comment the posts made by your friends and other users.

Another interesting thing about Zomato is that you can earn points for every reviews you made. You also get designation as you take part on Zomato’s activities.

Now You can serve all the above benefits to your users by creating an App which helps them in a many way like Zomato according to yours and your user's preferences. The Cost of an App like Zomato lies between $4000 to $15000 depending upon the features and functionality of your App.

Data is not mine completely, I have found it on Google. 🙂

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How much it will cost to make an app like zomato?

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