What are the top graphic design firms in the world?

My answer to What are the top graphic design firms in the world?

Answer by Jimmy Humby:

When it comes to places that are full of inspiration and talent for design, advertising, and web development, Peregrine InfoWorld is undeniably one of the leading company in the world.

The best and most creative design agency is widespread throughout the World, where talent gravitates together to create fantastic work. The top design firm house some of the brightest industry experts that work as a team to create a digital strategy incorporating graphic design, marketing, and website development. The goals of each client are brought to life through a gorgeous website design that gets measurable results. Firms can rely on the skilled professionals in Peregrine InfoWorld to create and develop inspirational advertising and design.

For Peregrine InfoWorld, success comes from focusing on international growth opportunities in key sectors. In 2013, we opened new office in Jersey City, bringing our total roster to 2. Building a presence in these markets allows us to achieve design excellence for more clients around the world.

We are honoured to be recognized amongst the Top 100 firms and hope to continue our ascent next year!

Hit us on info@peregrineinfoworld.com for further discussion


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What are the top graphic design firms in the world?

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