Did Bruce Lee lose to Wong Jack Man?

Did Bruce Lee lose to Wong Jack Man? by Marvin Dookharan

Answer by Marvin Dookharan:

I heard that Bruce Lee is a fraud and an exaggerated media figure, but is it really true?

He told his wife Linda that he beat him in 3 minutes and that the fight was about teaching to Caucasians, but in reality the fight lasted 20-25 minutes and was about him disrespecting other teachers and being an egotistical maniac.

Growing up Bruce Lee was really cocky and constantly got into lots of fights, that's why he was deported and got kicked out of school.

The real reason the challenge happened was because he was really cocky always arrogantly making challenges to teachers.

He went to T.Y. Wong's school and disrespectfully launched a surprise attack at the teacher, that's the real reason why the challenge happened and others in the Kung Fu community didn't like Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee had angered lots of people because he was so cocky and disrespectful.
What really happened during the fight was that Bruce Lee was desperate to win and wanted it to be a "death match" so he didn't want any rules. Traditionally you're supposed to shake hands and then fight but Bruce Lee apparently pretended to shake hands and went straight for the eye really trying to kill the guy Wong Jack Man like a real life street fight.

According to David Chin the match "went both ways".

That's what really happened according to the other people who saw the fight and the real reason why so many people in the Kung Fu community didn't like Bruce Lee.

There's no doubt that Bruce Lee really was an egotistical maniac according to the people who knew him and according to Bruce Lee himself he was really disappointed with his performance during the fight, closed down his school after the match and decided changed his fighting style after the match.

But who knows what really happened, Bruce Lee will continue to be a celebrated media figure.

Did Bruce Lee lose to Wong Jack Man?

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