How much would it cost to create and develop a startup marketplace website?

Earlier this year, I decided I was going to take the initiative to start my first startup. However, I’d never really done any web development before so I had no clue how much money I needed to get started. One of the biggest factors deterring me from starting a company was that I thought I didn’t have the funds necessary to start one. I read in several places that the barrier to entry was much lower now than before because of low costs, but I couldn’t really find information on what these costs were and how low they actually were.

It really depends on the scope. Definitely start small with your MVP, test user interaction and iterate from there. I caution against using freelance developers just because of your inexperience. You’d need a project manager that understands development to act as your intermediary, which will cost more. My company works closely with startups to build our first iterations and help them grow from there. Feel free to reach out with any questions or visit our website.

With the project scope, it also depend whether you want a readymade script or a system from scratch. Building a system from scratch require lots of time and money so buying a readymade script is better option for small scale startup businesses.

I would suggest you to build it from scratch as that way you can add any new features and copyright will be yours too.

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